Why choose paper tube for the protein powder package from Spring Package?

There are more and more products packaged in cylinder paper tubes in the market, and the industry involved is also very wide, so that small partners can not figure out which products are suitable for cylinder paper tubes. Recently, many friends asked: can protein powder be packaged in cylindrical paper tubes? Let's take you to know.

As we all know, protein powder is a kind of powdered food, which is afraid of moisture during storage, so it has strict requirements for the sealing of packaging. As for the traditional paper packaging, its tightness has always been a concern. As a kind of paper packaging, cylindrical paper cans have changed consumers' views on paper packaging.


The cylindrical paper can is packed in a cylindrical three-dimensional structure, which has a very good display effect. In addition, the paper can packaging structure is complex. According to different technological processes, different types of paper can packaging with different functional attributes are created. There are certain differences in the applicable scope of different forms of paper can packaging.We should select the appropriate paper can packaging according to the product attributes.



For powdered foods such as protein powder, paper cans can be used for packaging. Due to the need for sealing of packaging, paper can packaging with excellent sealing must be selected when selecting paper can packaging, such as composite paper can packaging.

Due to the good sealing performance of the composite paper can, it can play the role of waterproof and moisture-proof, which is favored by the market. Composite paper can packaging meets the sealing requirements of most food packaging, and has won a good market reputation in the food packaging industry.



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Post time: May-28-2022