What are the procedures for custom packaging boxes?

Paper Packaging box customization process: customers provide customized requirements --> tailor-made packaging box customization solutions --> confirm the signing of the contract --> pre-production research process, determine the production sample -> production quality control, QC full inspection -> send Goods completion, after-sales tracking service.

How to confirm style specification and material?

The customer has provided samples to us, which we analyze and measure to determine.

Customers provide us with packaging style pictures, specification data, material composition and printing patterns.

Customers do not have specific packaging specifications. We can provide recommended specifications and designs for similar products.

The details of cosmetic packaging box selection

The details are as follows:

First, whether the packaging box has peculiar smell.

Second, whether the paper on the surface of the packaging box is clean and free of foreign matter.

Third, whether the packaging box is wrinkled.

Fourth, whether the packaging box has leaked corners.

Fifth, whether the corners of the packaging box are smooth and whether there are gaps.

Sixth, whether there are sundries in the packaging box, causing unevenness.

Without the above five questions, the selected packaging box is the product that has passed the inspection.

What are the packaging materials used more often now?

In the face paper is generally double copper paper in the majority, double copper paper both thin and slippery characteristics become the best choice of face paper.

Gray cardboard is usually used as a material on cardboard, because the cost of gray cardboard is relatively low.

Why is there a big difference in price for the same packaging box?

Printed price consists of the following components: design fee, plate fee (including film), copy (PS version), Indian labor charge, after processing fees, proofing costs, the cost of paper used. Seemingly the same printing, the reason why the price is different lies in the difference in the materials and craftsmanship used. In short, packaging printing is also still follow the principles of a sub-price goods.

What preparations should be made for packaging box printing?

Customer packaging box printing must at least make the following preparations:

1. Provide high-precision pictures (above 300 pixels) and provide correct text content.

2. Provide a designed source file (no design time required)

3. The specification requirements are clearly stated, such as quantity, size, paper, and subsequent craftsmanship, etc.

What is spot color printing?

It refers to the color yellow, magenta, cyan. The printing process of using other color oils other than the four colors of black ink to reproduce the colors of the original manuscript. Often used in packaging printing spot color printing process printing a large area of background color.

Why is the printed product different from the computer display?

This is a computer monitor problem. The color value of each monitor is different. Especially liquid crystal displays. Let’s compare two computers in our company: one has a double-hundred red color, and the other looks as if it’s 10 more black, but it actually prints the same.

What is four-color printing?

The general four-color printing of packaging boxes refers to a color process that uses yellow, magenta, and cyan inks and black inks to replicate color originals

What kind of packaging box must adopt the four-color printing process?

Painter's color art works, photos taken by color photography or other pictures containing many different colors, due to technical requirements or economic considerations, must be scanned by a color desktop system or electronically separated The machine separates the colors, and then uses a four-color printing process to replicate the completion.

How to make our packaging box printing look more high-end?

How to make the packaging box look more high-end can start from three aspects:

1. The packaging box design style should be novel, and the layout design should be fashionable;

2. Special printing processes are used, such as printing, laminating, glazing, bronzing, and silver bronzing;

3. Use good printing materials, such as art paper, PVC materials, wood and other special materials.

What are your company’s packaging products?

Our company's packaging box products include: food boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes, paper bags, paper straws, tea packaging boxes, perfume boxes, electrical boxes, jewelry packaging boxes, clothing packaging boxes, shoe boxes, boutique gift packaging boxes, etc.

Does printing need plate making?

The first customized printed matter needs plate making. The plate is an electronically engraved steel cylindrical plate. Before plate making, you need to confirm that the design pattern is correct. Once the plate is ready, it will be irreversibly modified. If it needs to be modified, you need to bear additional expenses. Each color in the pattern needs to be made into a plate, which can be reused for many times. 

How to calculate the plate making fee?

Each color on the bag needs one plate. The price of each plate is about 200-400 yuan (subject to the calculation of the layout size). For example, if the design drawing has three colors, the plate making fee = 3x single plate fee.

Return and exchange of customized products?

Due to the specificity of customized products, this product does not support return and exchange; Contact the after-sales department to solve quality problems.