• 2021
    We are always on the way to develop business, and understand the world unbalance development,we keep on and on to insist to do what are are doing. To to something significance to the word.
  • 2020
    The world suffering COVID, many people were influenced by it, we also contributed our effort to undertake responsibility to worker and help some people who in need, who suffering by COVID.
  • 2019
    We were on the way to develop the company, try best to fulfill each order, fulfill our responsibilities. Each order, we need to take good care , like we always skating on the ice. We know that customers good, we will be good, like the Chinese remote word “Harmony Family will prosper and succeed”, “Business is based on harmony”
  • 2018
    With the Russian customers helping , we visited to Russia to see the “World Cup”,we took part in world event to know more about the world and know the world commonwealth, and know that we were small part of global village. We are Earth destiny community, we need to care about the earth mother.
  • 2017
    We leaded the team to go abroad to attended the 2017 Las Vegas Exhibition in the USA, start to take part in abroad exhibition such Las Vegas in USA, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Bologna for the Cosmoprof.
  • 2016
    To develop foreign trade business, set up a subsidiary company “GLORY SOURCE INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMIT.”, to promote more market in the world.
  • 2015
    We lead the whole team to go outside to be trained and took part in different social activities to enlarge team member horizon.
  • 2014
    We introduced Training System, and established “School”, cultivating talent and environment protection conscious.
  • 2013
    Since the good development in the world, we made good development to oversea market, such Algeria, South Africa, Benin,Ivory Coast, Russia, Chile, etc.
  • 2012
    We focus on offering good quality products, increase the returned order rate, we established modern enterprise management system,and advance enterprise culture, introduced good-educated talent.
  • 2011
    To create a high starting point and high efficiency printing service, the brand new imported Roland 10+3 reverse UV printing machine from Germany.
  • 2010
    We exploited the market to oversea, and export us Morocco, Philippine, Russia, Uzbekistan market, offering high-quality service.
  • 2009
    To meet the increasing demand in market outside the province,we introduced the first fully automatic production line.
  • 2008
    Established factory in Guangzhou,China and started on our business,and took part in 103 Canton Fair.