China Factory OEM Custom Making Round Kraft Paper Cardboard Paper Tubes for Cosmetics Packaging

Simple description: Guangzhou Spring Package specializes in producing paper packaging products for 14 years, we offers paper tube,paper box,gift box,cosmetic box,takeaway food packaging,paper bag,flexible packing bag,paper display rack,etc. We can make the paper tube products you want. Our paper tube packaging can increase the added value of your products and make your products stand out in the market. Welcome to negotiate business.

FOB price:Please send us more details to get an accurate quote

Payment:L/C,T/T,Western Union

Delivery Time10-20 days after deposit and design confirmed

PackingPacked by standard export cartons or according to your requirements

Product Detail

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The basic information

item name Paper tube
brand name OEM
materials Craft paper/customized
colour customized
The available sizes customized
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 5000pcs
telephone +86 13533784903
package export carton/customized
use Cosmetic

Clear texture and pattern

Imported ink printing, clear and natural color, clear and natural lines, your best supplier choice;

Product incision leveling

It adopts a durable knife die with high sharpness. The edge of the box is cut clean and smooth without burrs

High-quality craftsmanship

The inside is curled, the edges are smooth, and the hand feels comfortable, which increases the added value of the product;

Good sealing

Insulate light, the tube body and the nozzle are very tight, and the sealing effect is good;

Complete specifications

According to the requirements of customers, we can provide satisfactory model, height, diameter, wall thickness and material

Environmentally friendly material, degradable

Using environmentally friendly kraft paper as raw material, it is not only easy to decompose after being discarded, but also will not bring adverse consequences to the soil and environment.

Package delivery

Control the logistics link, promptly inform the customer of the estimated delivery time, and deliver the goods in time. Make the product packaging details to prevent damage. Ensure that the specifications, quantity and quality of the products are consistent with the order, and provide the list data required by the customer. Maintain communication with customers and improve customer experience.


Are you a trader or manufacturer?

We are both.Guangzhou Spring Package Co., Ltd. is company specializing printing and design of package since 2008.The company specializes in environmental protection packaging of paper, the mission is to bring "green spring" concept and “green life mode” in the earth, and supply environmental protection production to consumer all over the world.


The company can make paper tube of any size according to customer needs, and provide various accessories


How can I get a quote?

You can send us email with product details: size, material, design, logo and color; if you have artwork, it will be much appreciated. We will reply you within 24 hours. Also,you can discuss with us on TM. Our sales are online more than 12 hours every day.

What information do you need to provide?

You need to choose the tank type and material, and provide the capacity, size, quantity and type of articles in paper tube, so that we can better customize your own personalized packaging for you.

Can you provide free sample to us?

Usually, we will collect the samples charges at first. And when ordered, the charges will pay back to you.

Latest News

Factors affecting the customized price of paper tube

At present, there are many customized manufacturers of circular paper tubes in the market. When many customers choose customized manufacturers of paper tubes, some will give priority to the price of paper tubes. Xiaobian expressed concern about this. Because there are many factors affecting the price of paper tube, such as raw materials, technology and printing effect, we can't just consider the price factor unilaterally.

The raw material of paper tube is one of the important factors affecting the price. The raw material of paper tube is mainly paper, and different paper prices will have obvious differences. If the price of white cardboard is different from that of tea board, of course, the price of paper tube will also have an impact. For small partners engaged in the food industry, when choosing paper tube packaging, we must ask whether the packaging is a food grade raw material.

Another factor affecting the price of paper tube is the manufacturing process. If the paper tube process is relatively simple, the relative price will be cheaper if the crimping process is as follows. If the process of composite paper tube is complex, the price of paper tube will be relatively higher.

In addition, the printing process of paper tube packaging will also affect the price of paper tube. Ordinary four-color printing and special process printing such as UV, film covering, bronzing and silver ironing will also cause different prices of paper tubes.

There are many factors that affect the customized price of paper tubes. We should evaluate scientifically according to the actual demand of our products for packaging, so as to find a more cost-effective customized manufacturer of paper tubes.

Guangzhou Spring Package Co.,Ltd. is a set of planning,design,production,printing of professional printing enterprises.The company specializes in environmental protection packaging, the mission is to bring "green spring" for the future of the world, specializing in the production of packaging for 14 years. If you need a customized product, please contact.

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