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Company Profile

Guangzhou Spring Package Co., Ltd. is company specializing printing and design of package since 2008.The company specializes in environmental protection packaging of paper, the mission is to bring "green spring" concept and “green life mode” in the earth, and supply environmental protection production to consumer all over the world, advocating human being pay more attention to protect the earth in land, forest, air, usable fresh water,offshore fishery; avoiding over-exploit and over-consumed to natural resource, trying best to maintain ecosystem balance.

Our company focuses on the quality of production, guarantee customer each step smoothly to exploit the market by offering qualified production and height efficiency service during the whole process in the foreign business. Our company emphasizes on good quality to enhance people needs in satisfactory and beautiful psychology, and then making good health and happy emotion in true life. That is the reason why many customers like to cooperate with us, and make the long run business and share good concept for the idea life, causing resonance.


Professional Equipment

More than 10 set of automatic machine and  German Roland 10-color + 3 reverse UV printing machine supply high quality products in short time. 


Strict Production Pontrol

Quality is base stone of our factory survival, supply qualified products is our first principle and and base line. We need to benefit customer first, so can benefit ourselves. 


Perfect After Sales Service

We have exported production experience since 2008, we have handled different case in exportation career,guarantee each step must be proper, the all goes well and smooth to customer market. So credit and good service ability is cost saving in exportation.

Our company has advanced German Roland 10-color + 3-seater reverse UV printing machine, automatic die-cutting machine, automatic top cover machine, laminating machine, automatic gluing machine and more than 10 automatic Machinery and equipment, using professional printing equipment, high-quality ink, high-quality paper, to create exclusive high-quality products for customers. Quality is the main corporation culture of our company. We always produce in accordance with the ISO9001:2015 quality control standard production system and 100% QC inspection. Our mission is to continuously create value for customers and create a brilliant future!

Meet Our Team

Sales Director: Raymond Liang

Founder of Guangzhou spring package Co.,Ltd

Raymond Liang established Guangzhou Spring Packaging Co., Ltd. in 2008. The fundamental and original purpose of the business is to provide qualified products and quality service to customers. Since college, I have read a lot of books about traditional Chinese medical theories, which tell about the five elements doctrine. The five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth make up the whole world, giving rise to the five seasons, the five colours, the five faces, the five organs, the five qi, the five grains and the five fruits, etc. The five elements promote and neutralise each other. We need to balance the world's ecosystems, so when we develop our business, we pour our thoughts and practices into protecting the environment.

Our team also exercises, travels, listens to music, watches films, and cultivates various hobbies outside of work. We have established a good culture of facing the future and accepting challenges, doing our job to the best of our ability, and treating everyone with respect. We encourage each individual to forge ahead in the work process and improve the quality of work and life.

Chief designer

Jack Yang


Daniel Lin


Joanne Xian

Guangzhou Spring  Packaging Co., Ltd. provides you with one-stop service of design, research and development, and production. Solve the quality and service problems for you. Professional production, 100% full inspection, quality assurance, is a good helper for your cooperation.

Welcome to call to discuss business, we sincerely look forward to establishing a good cooperative relationship with your company!


Factory Story

Guangzhou Spring Packaging Co., Ltd. not only provides customers with one-stop service of design, printing and production, but also provides education and training for employees to improve their lives and protect the environment. The company also undertakes to disseminate culture, knowledge, technology, concepts and awareness to its employees and endeavours to keep health, good mood, clean environment, protect the environment, improve personal qualities and family concepts in the minds of its employees. For example, don't throw rubbish everywhere, if it is thrown into the sea, whales will be the victims of rubbish. Our company is not only a company but also a school, people not only work but also study, step by step, people will change their habits and improve their knowledge, so this can affect their life and next generation. So another role of a company is to take social responsibility. In order to create a good concept of "Spring", imagine that we live in a spring-like environment, with flowers, green trees, green grass everywhere, and all the plants and animals living in a balanced state like the "Five Elements". "Spring" means green, resilient, growing, vibrant, beautiful and upward. That's why the company is named "Spring Packaging".
Logo meaning: Blue waves are the water that nourishes the leaves, a good environment for life. Everything needs to be treasured, just like treasuring the spring season. Chinese: three three non-stop, six six infinite, nine nine to one, rotate and rotate and rotate.


Make the world a better place for everyone.


Let the future of packaging full of environmental protection soul, to bring the world "green spring".


Strive to learn and practice to live a healthy, harmonious, vibrant, colourful and balanced life.