Custom wholesale barbecue takeaway Kraft paper fried chicken food take out lunch box for restaurant

The fast food box is made of food-grade paper, which is safe and hygienic, and degrades quickly. The inner wall of the product is coated with a film, which is waterproof and oil-proof, and does not leak. Exquisite printing, a variety of printing processes are optional.

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Fried Chicken Packaging Box

High-quality materials: using optimal materials, no fluorescent agent is added, and food can be directly contacted;

Waterproof film: inner wall film, waterproof and oil-proof, no leakage;

New C-type buckle: buckle-type cover, firm and not easy to pop open, convenient and quick to use;

Intimate dotted line torn edges: the four-sided dotted line is easy to tear design, does not jam, and adapts to all kinds of dining environments;

Semi-circular pores: vent design to keep the food fresh and taste;

High-strength fit: food-grade adhesive to ensure that the lunch box will not crack when used;

Various rich colors can be customized;

The basic information

item name Fried Chicken Packaging Box
brand name OEM
materials 350gram kraft paper
colour customizable
The available sizes 135*110*65mm,170*140*50m,175*145*65mm,customizable
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 5000pcs
telephone +86-13533784903
package export carton


3.Fried chicken

Food grade paper

Quality assurance, safety and sanitation, and rapid degradation.

New type C buckle

Adopt new design, firm and not easy to pop open, convenient and quick to use.

Cover with PE coated film

Coated inside, waterproof&oil proof, tight packing,  no leakage,convenient transportation.

Custom one-time barbecue takeaway Kraft paper fried chicken food lunch box for restaurant (7)

Intimate dotted line welt

Dashed lines on all sides are convenient for ripping, which is convenient to adapt to all kinds of dining environment.

Custom one-time barbecue takeaway Kraft paper fried chicken food lunch box for restaurant (6)

Semicircular stomata

Open air hole, prevent the return of steam, keep food delicious and fresh.

High strength bonding

Food grade adhesive, to ensure that the use of food box does not crack, safety and health. 


What is this product?

Paper food boxes refer to lunch boxes made of paper materials, generally disposable paper lunch boxes, which are convenient to use and have been widely used in the catering industry. Since the disposable paper lunch box is made of paper materials, it will not pollute the environment, and it can be biodegradable for secondary use and recycling, which is more environmentally friendly.

This product application?

Food packaging uses such as: chicken, chicken fillet, pancakes, chestnuts, barbecue, salads, burgers, bread, etc.

Latest News

Paper lunch boxes are based on paper, and the surface is covered with paraffin wax, polyethylene coating and other containers used for food packaging or for holding hot and cold beverages and hot and cold food. Because they are made of paper materials, they can be recycled and used. By burying or burning, etc., it will not cause serious environmental pollution and has high environmental protection value.

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