Custom insulated aluminum foil fried chicken packing box fried snack take out lunch box for restaurant

Aluminum foil takeout packaging box is made of food-grade paper, which is safe and hygienic, and degrades quickly. The product has aluminum foil, heat insulation, waterproof and oil-proof, drip-proof. Beautifully printed, easy to use, easy to store, welcome to come to consult and ask for the price.

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Aluminum foil takeout packaging box

Excellent material: food-grade aluminum foil is used, no need to add tin foil, quality assurance, health and hygiene;

Aluminum foil material: aluminum foil on the inner wall, waterproof and oil proof, heat insulation, no leakage;

New C-type buckle: buckle-type cover, firm and not easy to pop open, convenient and quick to use;

Semi-circular pores: vent design to keep the food fresh and taste;

Various rich colors can be customized;

The basic information

item name Aluminum foil takeout packaging box
brand name OEM
materials 350gram kraft paper
color customizable
The available sizes 175*145*65mm,customizable
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 5000pcs
telephone +86-13533784903
package export carton


2.Fried chicken

Food grade paper

Quality assurance, safety and sanitation, and rapid degradation.

Thick material

The product has good bearing capacity, is not easy to be damaged, and has strong durability

Aluminum foil lunch box

The inner wall is covered with aluminum foil, waterproof and oil-proof, easy to use.

Custom insulated aluminum foil fried chicken packing box fried snack takeaway lunch box for restaurant (3)

Thermal insulation

Inner aluminum foil material, tight packing, no leakage.

Custom insulated aluminum foil fried chicken packing box fried snack takeaway lunch box for restaurant (1)

Semicircular stomata

Open air hole, prevent the return of steam, keep food delicious and fresh.

Store matching: many styles for you to buy.

Package delivery


Control the logistics link, promptly inform the customer of the estimated delivery time, and deliver the goods in time. Make the product packaging details to prevent damage. Ensure that the specifications, quantity and quality of the products are consistent with the order, and provide the list data required by the customer. Maintain communication with customers and improve customer experience.


What is this product?

Aluminum foil paper lunch box refers to a lunch box made of paper material and covered with aluminum foil. It is convenient to use, is waterproof and oil-proof, and has heat insulation. It has been widely used in the catering industry. Since the disposable paper lunch box is made of paper materials, it will not pollute the environment, and it can also be biodegraded for secondary use and recycling, which is more environmentally friendly.

This product application?

Food packaging uses such as: chicken, chicken fillet, pancakes, chestnuts, barbecue, salads, burgers, bread, etc.

How can I get a quote?

You can send us email with product details: size, material, design, logo and color; if you have artwork, it will be much appreciated. We will reply you within 24 hours. Also,you can discuss with us on TM. Our sales are online more than 12 hours every day.

Latest News

With the increasing demand for take-out food, serious pollution of take-out lunch boxes has been caused.

In 2020, China will promote plastic restrictions and prohibit the use of non-degradable disposable plastic tableware, and major environmentally friendly materials have emerged.

The aluminum foil lunch box just meets this requirement, with good heat preservation performance, high temperature resistance and recyclability. The main material of the aluminum foil lunch box is aluminum foil. The surface of the aluminum foil has a dense oxide layer. The chemical properties of this oxide layer are relatively very stable, and there is no heavy metal poisoning. It is a safe and environmentally friendly material. In response to market demand, Guangzhou Spring Package started the research and development of aluminum foil lunch boxes.

Guangzhou Spring Package Co.,Ltd. is a set of planning,design,production,printing of professional printing enterprises.The company specializes in environmental protection packaging, the mission is to bring "green spring" for the future of the world, specializing in the production of packaging for 14 years. If you need a customized product, please contact.

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