Custom eco-friendly compostable biodegradable food grade packaging kraft paper reusable ziplock stand up pouch bag

Simple description:The paper ziplock bag is made of food grade paper, which is safe and hygienic. Mainly used in supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores. The factory is self-operated and self-sold, the products are sampled quickly, and the whole process is serviced. Welcome to come for business negotiation.

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Ziplock Stand Up Pouch Bag


High-quality material: use food-grade material, quality assurance, safety and sanitation,don't worry about secondary pollution of the product;

Good Inner packaging:It integrates moisture-proof, anti-fouling,light-proof and fresh-keeping,good sealing,and no longer worry about the problem of product damp,damaged packaging and air leakage.

U-shaped easy to tear: without any auxiliary tools, easy to open the bag. Zipper closure makes it easy to store leftover items.

Various rich colors can be customized;

The basic information

Item name Food ziplock bag
brand name OEM
materials New material
colour customizable
The available sizes customizable
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 5000pcs
telephone +86 13533784903
package export carton
Use 1.Tea
2. Rice
3. Toast bread
4. Candy
5. Snacks
6. etc.
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New material
Laminated material to avoid secondary material return,
Don't worry about secondary pollution of the product..

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Good Inner packaging
It integrates moisture-proof, anti-fouling,
light-proof and fresh-keeping,good sealing,
and no longer worry about the problem of product damp,
damaged packaging and air leakage.

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U-shaped easy tear
It’s that easy to open the bag.

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Good quality printing
Packaging does not fade,
no longer worry about unclear patterns,
the brand promotion effect is poor.

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Many specifications
Just to make products that satisfy customers.

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Good service
Various types of boxes are matched to meet your individual requirements.

Package delivery

Control the logistics link, promptly inform the customer of the estimated delivery time, and deliver the goods in time. Make the product packaging details to prevent damage. Ensure that the specifications, quantity and quality of the products are consistent with the order, and provide the list data required by the customer. Maintain communication with customers and improve customer experience.

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Product knowledge

1.What is this product?

The ziplock bag is a kind of packaging bag that can be automatically sealed by pressing. The ziplock bag produced from food-grade raw materials usually includes zipper ziplock bag, blow bone ziplock bag and so on.

2.This product application?

Food packaging uses such as: rice, tea, chocolate, candy, pet food, etc.

3.How the product pricing and how to consult prices?

We pricing the products according to the customers specifications, request on materials, printing, finish and other process flow and so on. And you can inquiry us by whatsapp or send e-mail to us.

4. Can you Provide Free Sample to us?

Usually, we will collect the samples charges at first. And when ordered, the charges will pay back to you.


Latest News

How is the thickness of the bag calculated?

The unit of bag thickness is "silk", which is measured with a micrometer, 1 mm-10 silk meter = 100 hu meter = 1000 microns. Generally, everyone has no concept of ziplock bags. The two-layer thickness of a shopping bag with 2 hairs and 1 in a regular supermarket is generally 5 international wires (for reference only).

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