Guangzhou Custom Craft Round Box with Ribbon Food Round Tube Packaging Box

Simple description: Guangzhou Spring Package specializes in producing paper packaging products for 14 years, we are a custom designer and manufacturer of paper tube  for a range of industrial,medical.we can quickly producing samples and providing full service. Welcome to negotiate business.

FOB price:Please send us more details to get an accurate quote

Payment:L/C,T/T,Western Union

Delivery Time10-20 days after deposit and design confirmed

PackingPacked by standard export cartons or according to your requirements

Product Detail

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Paper tube

High quality paper: it adopts high-quality printing materials, strong and durable cardboard, brand-new materials and quality assurance;

Good load capacity: paper made of high hardness paper is enough to carry promotional products, and it is not easy to bend or break.

Good air tightness: the product is isolated from light, so that the sold goods are not easy to be affected by moisture, and the high-quality packaging ensures the practicability of the product;

Specification Customization: we can customize the two-dimensional code according to the needs of customers.

Packaging and transportation: cardboard boxes are generally used to prevent product damage.

Custom accessories: you can customize various accessories at will, and different accessories correspond to different paper tubes.

All kinds of rich colors can be customized.

The basic information

item name Paper tube
brand name OEM
materials Craft paper/customized
colour customized
The available sizes customized
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 2000pcs
telephone +86 13533784903
package export carton/customized
use Chocolate
Coffee bean
Daily necessities

Clear picture and text

Imported ink printing, clear and natural color, clear and natural lines, your best supplier choice;

Hot gold stamping process

First class printing technology gives you the finishing touch of the product, and the exquisite craft promotes your brand to a higher level.


Good product texture

Internal crimping, smooth edge, comfortable hand feel, improve the appearance of goods;

Good sealing

Insulate light, the tube body and the nozzle are very tight, and the sealing effect is good;


Support customization

It can be customized according to customer needs, plus logo, two-dimensional code, support PSD, AI, PDF, CDR;

Wide product application scenarios

Suitable for multi-product use, support customization; 


Package delivery

Control the logistics link, promptly inform the customer of the estimated delivery time, and deliver the goods in time. Make the product packaging details to prevent damage. Ensure that the specifications, quantity and quality of the products are consistent with the order, and provide the list data required by the customer. Maintain communication with customers and improve customer experience.

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What is this product?

The packaging of many commodities is now environmentally friendly and sterile. Printing paper tubes have become an important part of the modern packaging industry. Printing paper tubes are widely used in the sales and packaging of food, wine, cosmetics, etc. Paper tube packaging is widely used in daily life and is considered to be a promising and potential packaging material.

This product application

Printing paper tubes are widely used in the packaging of food, wine, light industry, health products, cosmetics, electronics, home appliances, clothing, toys, cultural and sports goods and other products.


The company can make paper display rack of any size according to customer needs, and a variety of craft colors are available.

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How can I get a quote?

You can send us email with product details: size, material, design, logo and color; if you have artwork, it will be much appreciated. We will reply you within 24 hours. Also,you can discuss with us on TM. Our sales are online more than 12 hours every day.

Can you provide free sample to us?

Usually, we will collect the samples charges at first. And when ordered, the charges will pay back to you.

Latest News

What is the food paper tube?

Food paper tube is used to pack all kinds of food, which has the advantage of moisture resistance. Because the outer packaging is a paper product and has the function of desiccant, it is conducive to the preservation of dried fruit foods for a longer time. Due to the excellent protective performance of the paper cylinder, it can be waterproof and moisture-proof, and has a certain thermal insulation effect; Odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, so it is especially suitable for food packaging. It is commonly used to hold powdered and granular solid foods, such as cocoa powder, tea, sugar, salt, cereal, coffee and various solid drinks; In addition, it is suitable for candy, alcohol, milk powder, snack food, dried fruit powder food, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, etc.

The food paper tube integrates paper film and iron. It is the best container for fried food packaging. It has the advantages of superior sealing performance, safety and health, low cost, novelty and fashion. Light weight, only 30% of iron cans, easy circulation, convenient use and low price are also a major advantage of food paper cans. There are many styles of food paper cans, including upper and lower crimping, upper and lower aluminum easy to pull covers, flat bottom and flat cover, which can be made according to the characteristics of food.

Guangzhou Spring Package Co.,Ltd. is a set of planning,design,production,printing of professional printing enterprises.The company specializes in environmental protection packaging, the mission is to bring "green spring" for the future of the world, specializing in the production of packaging for 14 years. If you need a customized product, please contact.

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