What are the structures of corrugated board?

Corrugated board is a multi-layer adhesive body, which is at least composed of a layer of corrugated core paper sandwich (commonly known as  pit zhang ,  corrugated paper,  corrugated paper core,  corrugated base paper) and a layer of cardboard (also known as "box board paper", "box board"). It has high mechanical strength and can withstand bumping and falling in the process of handling. The actual performance of corrugated box depends on three factors: the characteristics of core paper and cardboard and the structure of the carton itself.

Corrugated cardboard box corrugated shape is corrugated shape, a group of corrugated by two arcs and their connected tangents

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1. by a layer of core paper and kraft card cardboard called "exposed corrugated cardboard". Exposed corrugated cardboard, generally only used as cushion, spacing and wrapping irregular shape objects.

2. By one layer of core paper and two layers of cowhide card board is called "single pit board".

3. Two layers of core paper sandwiched within three layers of kraft card is called "double pit board". Double pit board can be composed of pit paper of different pit width and different paper, such as "B" pit paper and "C" pit paper.

4. Three layers of core paper sandwiched in four layers of kraft card is called "three pit board".

5. super strong double body board is developed from single pit board, its middle of a layer of core paper by two thick core paper overlapping bonding.

Corrugated corrugated board refers to corrugated type type, that is, corrugated size. The same corrugated type can be different, but the national GB6544-86 (corrugated board) stipulates that all corrugated types are UV shaped, and corrugated types generally include A, B, C, D and E, which are more commonly used.

A corrugated: A corrugated is characterized by less corrugated number and large corrugated height per unit length. A corrugated box is suitable for packaging fragile items with large cushioning force; Such as: glass cup, ceramics and so on.

Corrugated board (3)
AA 9-10.068mm±1
3A 13.5-15.102±1

B corrugated: contrary to A corrugated, the number of corrugated per unit length is large and the height of corrugated is small, so B corrugated cartons are suitable for color printing and packaging of heavy and hard items, mostly used for canned drinks and other bottled goods packaging; In addition, because B corrugated cardboard is hard and not easy to destroy, can be used to manufacture complex shape combination box.

C corrugated: the number and height of C corrugated in unit length are between TYPE A and TYPE B, and the performance is close to that of A corrugated, while the thickness of cardboard is less than that of A corrugated, so it can save storage and transportation costs. European and American countries mostly use C corrugated.

E corrugated: the number of E corrugated in unit length is the largest, the height of E corrugated is the smallest, and it has the characteristics of smaller thickness and harder. The corrugated folding box made with it has better cushioning performance than ordinary cardboard, and the grooving incision is beautiful, the surface is smooth, and it can be used for color printing. 

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