Technological Process Choice of Cosmetic Gift Boxes from Guangzhou Spring Package

Now no matter what we buy, the first thing we see is the paper packaging products of the products. The quality of cosmetics carton packaging plays an important role in the products, which can increase the aesthetic effect of the products and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Cosmetic packing can reflect the value of goods, increase their added value, and have many benefits.

What are the technological processes of a good cosmetic box?

Embossed cold ironing

Relief cold pressing is a printing method that can produce a relatively three-dimensional effect. During the printing process, it needs to undergo a cooling step, so that the relief shape is more obvious and the product is more artistic.


Gilding and silver stamping

Transfer the pattern or text to the surface of the material to be printed. The characteristics of gilding are clear and beautiful patterns, bright colors, wear resistance, and improving the texture of cosmetic boxes.

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Film coating process

According to the different film materials, it can be divided into bright film and matte film.

Bright film and dumb film are mainly different from glossiness, bright film is brighter and colorful; The dumb film is darker and the quality is stable. Anti scratch film and tactile film are recommended for high-quality customization.



It shows the texture of different depths and has obvious relief feeling, which enhances the three-dimensional feeling and artistic appeal of the printed matter.

Silk screen UV printing

The main purpose is to enhance the brightness and artistic effect of the product surface and protect the product surface. It has high hardness, corrosion resistance and is not easy to scratch.




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