Should I choose white kraft paper bag or yellow kraft paper bag for clothing gift bag?


Kraft paper bag is used by many garment and gift industries because of its non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, in line with national environmental protection standards and high strength. But kraft paper bags are divided into white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags. Which one should be better? Together with Xiaobian, let's see the difference between the white cow paper bag and the clothing gift bag made of yellow cow leather paper bag:


Color: kraft paper bag is also called primary kraft paper bag, that is to maintain its original yellowish brown color. The color of the clothing gift bag made of this material is yellow or light yellow. But this color has no decoration and gives people a natural sense of closeness. Therefore, it is packaged by many high-end commodities. The color of white paper bag is light white. The paper is harder than ordinary paper, and the surface has bright light.



Printing: the color of clothing gift bags made of kraft paper is not as smooth as that of white kraft paper bags, and there are fewer full pages. The reason is that the price of white kraft paper is more expensive than that of yellow kraft. However, in full page printing, Xiaobian suggested that white kraft paper is better for clothing gift paper bags. If your requirements are not high, yellow kraft paper bags can also be used.

It can be seen that both kinds of kraft paper have their own advantages. When making clothing gift bags, you can choose reasonably according to your actual situation. On the basis of ensuring the budget, make the packaging paper bag with the highest added value.

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Post time: May-13-2022