Ink quality and selection of paper box printing color – A good choice of takeout paper food bags

The definition of paper box printing color is one of the important indicators to judge the quality and effect of paper box printing color. The so-called clarity refers to the degree of clarity of the paper box printing color. The paper box printing color definition includes the following aspects.



① Distinguish the difference between the color lines printed on the paper box, that is, the resolution of the scene material points of the color printed on the paper box or the fineness of the fine level. The higher the color resolution of paper box printing, the more detailed the performance of scene particles.


② It is used to measure whether the line edge contour is clear, that is, whether the paper box prints the contour boundary of the color hierarchy. In essence, it refers to the change width of the density of the hierarchical boundary. If the change width is small, the boundary is clear; otherwise, if the change width is large, the boundary becomes virtual.


③ It refers to whether the light and dark contrast or subtle contrast between the light and dark layers of the paper box printing color is clear, especially between the small layers. The color definition and resolution of paper box printing reflect the expression ability of color details of paper box printing from different angles

Paper box printing color is an indispensable paper box printing color input machine for prepress image and text processing software. Its task is to use scanning and photoelectric conversion to convert the paper box printing color information on the original picture into a digital signal, and then transfer it to the prepress processing software.


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Post time: Jan-03-2023