How to make your paper box more attractive? Than 90% of the people took the right first step?

Enterprises all want to make their product packaging more attractive, more lasting impact, and be understood and remembered. However, the first step of packaging box customization in many enterprises is wrong: the packaging creativity is not simple enough.

In real marketing, we often complain that there are too many channels, the competition of various similar brands is becoming more and more intense, people's preferences are becoming more and more difficult to grasp, and sales are becoming more and more difficult to do. As a customized packaging box, you often face the problem that your packaging is very creative and has invested a lot of budget, but in the end, you can't impress consumers, let alone pay a commission. Why does packaging creativity spend a lot of time on accurate advertising, but people always can't remember it?

If you want to succeed in packaging box customization, the first step must be "simple": find out the most critical essence of packaging. Of course, this simplicity is not the "little content" or simple pattern on the packaging box. This means to find out the core of the product, clearly convey the product concept, and finally impress consumers. Just as we usually read wechat and microblog articles, we first read the title and then the introduction. We will read it when we are interested. The same is true of the packing box. Only when people are interested in the packing, can they go back to the next step or buy a deal.

The first step of packaging box customization is "simplicity". Find the key essence and express it with refined views. This is absolutely value for money and makes your product more attractive.

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Post time: Apr-22-2022