How to Control Spot Color in Paper Packaging Box Printing- Guangzhou Spring Package

In order to ensure that the product color difference of the same batch and different batches of the packaging box meets the national standards and customer requirements, the spot color is controlled together in the process of box printing.


1. Make color card

According to the color code sample provided by the customer, the proportion of spot color ink is given through the computer color matching system, then the ink sample is called out, and the color samples with different densities are "displayed" by the ink homogenizer and ink spreader. Then, according to the range of color difference required by national standards (or customers), determine the standard, optical limit and depth limit with spectrophotometer, and make a printed standard color card (if the color difference exceeds the standard, further correction is required). One half of the color card for packaging design is a common color sample, and the other half is a color sample after surface treatment, which is convenient for quality inspection.


2. Verify spot color

Considering that the packaging paper is the main factor affecting the color difference. Therefore, before each printing, the actual printing paper is used to "display" the color sample, and the color card is slightly corrected to eliminate the influence of the paper.



3. Printing control

When packaging and printing, the collar press controls the thickness of spot color ink layer by printing standard color cards. Advertising poster design helps to measure the main density value and Bk value of color with a densitometer to overcome the difference between dry and wet ink color density.



In a word, in the process of packaging box printing, the cause of spot color color difference is in various forms. There should be no specific analysis for different reasons in actual production to solve these problems. Try to control the deviation risk within a relatively small range, and design and produce packaging printed materials that satisfy customers.



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Post time: Nov-04-2022