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Kraft paper lunch boxes are familiar to people. When buying fried chicken or other fried food, they are often packed in this kind of lunch box. Some fruits are also used in this kind of lunch box when they are cut, assembled and sold. This kind of lunch box will directly contact with a variety of foods. People will eat the food directly after opening the lunch box. However, some people are worried about the safety of the kraft paper lunch box, fearing that it will produce harmful substances when it contacts with food, Affect food safety and health.


Kraft paper lunch boxes are made of different materials, and their safety is also different. If you buy your own food using kraft paper lunch boxes that have passed through our products, you can rest assured that this kind of kraft paper is harmless to human health, it will not produce harmful substances after contacting with food, nor will it affect the quality and taste of the food in the lunch box, People can eat at ease and don't have to worry too much about it.

However, the quality of the kraft paper lunch boxes sold on the market is also uneven. Some bad businesses will use cheap low-quality kraft paper to make kraft paper lunch boxes. Such kraft paper has not been certified by any quality, and its safety cannot be guaranteed. Some harmful substances will be produced when the kraft paper lunch boxes made of it are used to store food, People will absorb these harmful substances after eating such food, which is easy to endanger their health.


Kraft paper lunch boxes that meet the quality requirements have a high safety and stability coefficient, and will not have adverse reactions when contacting food. The quality requirements are also extremely strict during production. This kind of kraft paper cannot contain chloride residues, and microorganisms cannot exceed the standard, let alone residual heavy metals. 

At the same time, it cannot have too much water absorption. In addition, as long as the kraft paper has good bending resistance and strength, It is not easy to deform and leak when packaging food. The adhesives used in the processing of high-quality kraft paper lunch boxes are also strictly required to be free of formaldehyde and methanol, and free of harmful residues. If inferior adhesives are used, the quality and safety of kraft paper lunch boxes will also be affected.


Kraft paper lunch boxes that meet the quality requirements not only have stable performance and excellent quality, but also have good moisture resistance and low temperature resistance. In addition, the oil repellent has a good fresh-keeping property, which is particularly suitable for packaging various foods. Moreover, the cost of this kind of kraft paper is not high, and the price of the kraft paper lunch boxes made of it is not high. It can also be customized for customers during processing, adding the patterns and characters required by customers, It will not increase the cost of the catering industry, and has a good promotion prospect and practical value.


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Post time: Dec-01-2022