How should luxury cosmetic gift boxes be designed to attract consumers

Cosmetics are one of the most popular items for girls. Clothes and cosmetics are things that girls can't live without all their life. Many businesses aim at this market and work hard on these two kinds of goods. For example, cosmetics, many companies want to bundle sales in order to get more sales. Just as women are budget conscious visual animals, high-end cosmetic gift boxes with exquisite design and more reasonable price than single products came into being and were very popular.

However, there are many businesses selling high-end cosmetic gift boxes. How to design their own gift boxes to make them unique and attract the attention of consumers at once. This involves many key points of design.

We should first pay attention to the problem of color matching. Because the high-end cosmetics gift box is aimed at female friends. Therefore, in the color matching, we must choose the color matching of women. Black and gray are generally not used for men. And pink these relatively tender colors are generally not used on high-end gift boxes. Purple and bright blue are often used, which can highlight mature and elegant colors. They are also the most popular colors among women.

Having finished the color matching, the second thing we should pay attention to is the material of the gift box. The high-grade cosmetic gift box is more advanced for the group, so the material can not be vague. Commonly used carton packaging is generally not used on gift boxes of this grade. Of course, it can be used as an independent packaging inside. On the outer packaging, we usually use gift boxes with silk or flexible fabric on the surface. The lining is generally made of silk. This will look very upscale.


In addition to material and color matching, high-grade cosmetic gift boxes also need to carry out pattern design and decoration. In the design of the pattern, we generally do not use the pattern of the spokesman, which will appear a little vulgar. On the contrary, we usually use some beautiful hollowed out patterns or lace. Better gift boxes can also be decorated with other materials.

The above are some personal opinions on how to design high-end cosmetic gift boxes. Of course, the current trend is changing rapidly, and the current aesthetic standard may not be suitable for the future. But the design standard of high-grade gift box will not change much. Because the customers who buy high-end gift boxes are generally mature women, different from young people, their aesthetic concept is also more mature.


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Post time: Mar-07-2022