How does Guangzhou spring package overcome the problems in self-adhesive sticker label printing?

Poor ink adhesion is the main problem in the process of film data. Stick the test tape to the test part, cover the whole test area, hold one end of the tape by hand and quickly tear off the tape. When the area is too large, the covered part shall not be less than 15 square centimeters. Repeat at the same position to check whether there is deinking. If the deinking area is not greater than 10% of the test area, it is regarded as a normal scale.

In the practice of printing production, we often encounter the situation that UV ink has solidified after being illuminated by UV lamp, but the interior is not completely solidified. The binding force between UV ink without complete curing and film data is relatively weak. It is very simple to tear it off from the surface of the data in the tape test.

Before printing, workers should check the surface tension of film materials with dyne pen or dyne solution. If you want to ensure excellent UV ink adhesion, the surface tension of the film material should reach at least 42 dyne / cm2. If the surface tension of the film material does not meet the requirements before printing, poor ink adhesion will be formed.

For some film materials, in order to make the materials printable, the material supplier will coat the surface. Different inks use different resins, so even if they are printed on the same coating layer, they often show different results. This reminds peers that when purchasing film materials with coating layer, they should consult the material supplier for the appropriate ink brand of the material.


Press your thumb firmly on the surface of the ink, and then press it back and forth several times. If the ink appears on the thumb, it can be concluded that the ink is not completely cured. There are many reasons why the ink is not cured completely, which may be the problem of the ink itself or the problem of the UV curing system.

The above are some personal opinions on how to design high-end cosmetic gift boxes. Of course, the current trend is changing rapidly, and the current aesthetic standard may not be suitable for the future. But the design standard of high-grade gift box will not change much. Because the customers who buy high-end gift boxes are generally mature women, different from young people, their aesthetic concept is also more mature.


If the UV ink is not used up, cover it well and keep it away from light; The ambient temperature for storage should be around 20 ℃, and the temperature should not be too high; The operation time of UV lamp is generally about 1000 hours. Once the service life is exceeded, its spectral curve will be changed, so we should correctly record the operation time of UV lamp and replace it in time.

Some film materials, such as PE film, are not ideal for the adhesion effect of ink, and the appearance needs special treatment. Through to improve the surface tension of film data, make it greater than the surface tension of ink, and then achieve the correct combination of ink and film data. Surface treatment generally includes corona treatment and surface coating treatment. After the high-voltage charge is discharged to the surface of the film data, the intention of adding surface energy, that is, surface tension, is finally reached; Perhaps after the surface coating treatment, the ink friendly coating is coated on the surface of the film material, and the surface characteristics of the film material are changed to make it suitable for printing. Guangzhou spring package self-adhesive printing should overcome these problems.

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Post time: Mar-10-2022