Highlights of Spring Festival snack gift packaging market


New changes have taken place in the Spring Festival snack gift packaging market.The Chinese Spring Festival in 2022 is coming. With the Spring Festival, people wandering outside can't wait to get together with their families. Visiting relatives and friends and giving gifts are also put on the agenda. Snacks and gifts are necessary for people to visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, and good-looking packaging can add to the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. Today, let's take a look at the trends of gift packaging.

Highlight 1: Snack gifts are at their peak during the spring festival s period, and innovative snack packaging is very popular

The Kaidu consumer index (which is subordinate to CCTV Market Research (CTR)) is monitored by the continuous urban family sample group. During the Spring Festival in 2021 (January February 2021), consumers received about 90 million snacks and gifts. While snack gifts are very popular, snack packaging has also attracted people's attention. In response to the market demand, major manufacturers have made strange moves in packaging design, and a variety of new packaging appear in the market. Snack gifts peak during the Spring Festival, and innovative snack packaging is very popular.

The study found that biscuit packaging accounted for 40% of the 90 million snack packaging during the Spring Festival in 2021. This reflects the dominant position of biscuit packaging in snack gift packaging. Other categories of packaging, such as chocolate, potato chips and candy, are equal, accounting for 20% each.



Highlight 2: Snack gift packaging is becoming more and more western

Among the gifts received during the Spring Festival, local products are still people's favorite choice. However, in snack products, people's choice is becoming more and more foreign. With the product demand, snack gift packaging is also becoming more foreign-oriented. According to the data of Kaidu consumer index, nearly half of the snack gifts during the Spring Festival in 2021 are imported products. The packaging of imported products is mostly European and American style, and imported biscuits and chocolate can account for more than 50%. Although candy and potato chips are not as foreign as chocolate biscuits, they also become more foreign during the Spring Festival over the years. Major manufacturers have made strange moves in packaging design, and the design style has moved towards foreign style and fashion.

Post time: Jan-16-2022