Difference between hot melt adhesive and environmental friendly water adhesive for heat sensitive paper factory

There are many kinds of glue, including hot melt glue, water glue, oil glue and so on. Different adhesive curing methods, speed, time and form are different. Many friends leave messages saying they want to know the difference between hot melt adhesive and water adhesive. It's very simple. Let's talk about it with you today.

1.Hot melt adhesive

First of all, let's talk about hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive does not need solvent or water during operation. At room temperature, hot melt adhesive is solid; After heating, the hot melt adhesive is liquid and the liquid can flow.

The advantages are: the cost of packaging and freight transportation is relatively low, and the materials do not need to be frozen or drying equipment. It's easy to bond, and the bonding strength is also relatively strong. It has high stability and good water resistance when stored.



The disadvantages are: special application equipment is required; Although the bonding strength is large, it is easily affected by temperature and can not be heated continuously. After continuous heating, substances will be decomposed; In the process of gluing, the control of gluing amount is also relatively poor!

2.Environmental friendly water glue

Water-based coating adhesive is emulsified with water as solvent and requires special emulsifying equipment.

The advantage is that it takes water as the solvent and the price is very cheap. Because it uses water as solvent, it is very environmentally friendly. Under normal conditions, it has no group and no smell. Moreover, the glue itself will not burn, with a wide range of solids and viscosity, which can achieve good water resistance and adhesion.


Disadvantages: if there are advantages, there are disadvantages, while the disadvantage of water glue is that the curing time is relatively long, the initial viscosity is not strong, and it is easy to freeze at low temperature. If the metal ware is connected, it is easy to be polluted, and then corrosive substances are generated to erode some metals.

The adhesive market is broad and the industry development potential is unlimited. Therefore, many adhesive brands with good quality and high cost performance came into being!

In fact, the difference between hot melt adhesive and water adhesive is not only these, but also their construction characteristics. The construction characteristics of adhesives with different characteristics are also different. For example, hot melt adhesive can be applied and spread, and water glue should be scraped and sprayed. Therefore, when choosing glue, we should also understand its construction technology, so as to suit the remedy to the case and apply the adhesive well.


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Post time: Apr-09-2022