Custom thank you 500 pieces / roll waterproof cylinder self adhesive paper printing sticker label

Simple description:Adhesive stickers are printed with high-quality composite materials, which are green and environmentally friendly, and are suitable for many industries. Mainly used in supermarkets, department stores, and convenience stores. Products are quickly sampled, and full service is welcome. Welcome to come to negotiate business.

FOB price:Please send us more details to get an accurate quote

Payment:L/C,T/T,Western Union

Delivery Time10-20 days after deposit and design confirmed

PackingPacked by standard export cartons or according to your requirements

Product Detail

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The basic information

Item name Cylinder Adhesive sticker
brand name OEM
materials Coated paper sticker
colour yellow/green/orange/pink/customizable
The available sizes 2.5*2.5cm/3.8*3.8cm/5*5cm/customizable
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 5000pcs
telephone +86 13533784903
package export carton
Use 1. Gifts
2. Food packaging
3. Letter
4.  etc.

Preferred material

Select materials with good quality and use new coated paper materials to ensure the quality of products from the source

Uniform thickness of adhesive labels

The thickness of the adhesive label is uniform, the surface of the product is smooth and delicate, and the handling of the printed matter is clear, with strong color printing reducibility.

Easy to paste

It does not need glue, paste and other adhesives, it is easy to peel off and stick immediately, and there is no pollution to the appearance of the product.

Exquisite cutting technology

NC die cutting, neat cutting of edges and corners, accurate and easy to peel, easy to use

Surface film process

The film type sticker has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, non-fading, and small shrinkage and expansion ratio.


Diverse styles

Multi-style creative design, giving unlimited packaging possibilities. 

Package delivery,shipping and Serving

Control the logistics link, promptly inform the customer of the estimated delivery time, and deliver the goods in time. Make the product packaging details to prevent damage. Ensure that the specifications, quantity and quality of the products are consistent with the order, and provide the list data required by the customer. Maintain communication with customers and improve customer experience.

This product application

Sticker label has a wide range of applications. The demand for logistics and transportation packaging, food packaging, medical packaging, cultural product packaging, electronic product packaging, commodity labels, etc. are all in great demand. Manufacturers and consumers are paying more and more attention to product labels.

Our Company Information

Packaging box printing and packaging process

The company can make labels of any size according to customer needs, and a variety of craft colors are available.

How can I get a quote?

You can send us email with product details: size, material, design, logo and color; if you have artwork, it will be much appreciated. We will reply you within 24 hours. Also,you can discuss with us on TM. Our sales are online more than 12 hours every day.

How the product pricing and how to consult prices?

We pricing the products according to the customers specifications, request on materials, printing, finish and other process flow and so on. And you can inquiry us by whatsapp or send e-mail to us.

Latest News

PVC self-adhesive and coated paper self-adhesive

 The structure of PVC self-adhesive printing material consists of three parts: surface material, adhesive and backing paper. But professionals said that in order to ensure quality, PVC self-adhesive printing also includes back printing, silicon coating and so on.

The surface coating of PVC self-adhesive printing is actually a protective layer, which aims to better accept the ink and be easy to print, so as to prevent dirt, increase the adhesion of ink and prevent the falling off of printed graphics. Silicon coating is to apply silicon oil layer on the surface of the backing paper, which can make the surface tension of the backing paper very low and the surface very smooth. Its function is to prevent the adhesive from sticking to the backing paper.

The backing paper of PVC self-adhesive printing is to protect the adhesive on the back of the surface material and support the surface material so that it can be die-cut, discarded and labeled on the labeling machine. As for back printing, its function is to print the manufacturer's registered trademark or pattern on the back of the backing paper to promote anti-counterfeiting.

The surface material is the material printed on the front, the back receives the adhesive and is finally applied to the adhesive. The purpose of the coating primer is to protect the surface material and prevent the penetration of adhesive. Increase the opacity of the fabric, increase the adhesion between the adhesive and the surface material, prevent the plasticizer in the plastic surface material from penetrating into the adhesive, affect the performance of the adhesive, reduce the adhesion of the label and fall off the label.

Finally, the adhesive for PVC self-adhesive printing. Adhesive formulations are diverse and suitable for different surface materials and occasions. It is the material between the label material and the bonding substrate, which plays a connecting role. It is also the most important component of PVC self-adhesive printing materials and the key of label application technology.

 Coated paper, also known as coated paper. Coated paper is coated with a layer of white paint on the surface of base paper and processed by super calendering. It is divided into one side and two sides, and the paper surface is divided into smooth surface and cloth pattern. The paper has smooth surface, high whiteness and good ink absorption and inking performance. It is mainly used for offset printing, gravure printing and fine screen printing, such as advanced picture books, calendars, books and periodicals.

Guangzhou Spring Package Co.,Ltd. is a set of planning,design,production,printing of professional printing enterprises.The company specializes in environmental protection packaging, the mission is to bring "green spring" for the future of the world, specializing in the production of packaging for 14 years. If you need a customized product, please contact.

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