Why choose paper cup for the hot coffee package from Guangzhou Spring Package?

Customized paper cups can be processed into conical or cylindrical cups, and can also be processed into ice cream cups of other shapes for daily life. Therefore, paper cups are becoming more and more popular.

Paper cups can be roughly divided into cold cups and hot cups. Due to the different use and processing forms, the quality requirements of the two kinds of disposable paper cups are also different. In addition to meeting the requirements of packaging processing performance, the paper cup material must also have certain printing applicability. The paper cup printing should also meet the conditions of thermal sealing in the processing and molding of disposable paper cups.


1. Hot drink cup

Usually used for hot drink packaging, its processing material is PE single-sided composite paper, that is, single-sided coated paper. Generally, it is printed on non PE surface and directly on paper. Due to the need of hot drinks, this paper cup needs to have certain heat insulation after processing, so this product usually needs a certain thickness and stiffness to increase the heat insulation of the paper cup.


Due to the needs of the market, disposable paper cup printing is a publicity method adopted by many manufacturers. At the same time, the exquisite printing pattern also puts on a gorgeous coat for the disposable paper cup, which brings good visual enjoyment to consumers. The printing of single coated PE paper is carried out on paper, so the influence of paper on printing is similar to that of ordinary paper, except that the selected ink must meet the requirements of food hygiene. Packaging anti-counterfeiting.

2. Cold drink cup

According to different processing methods, there are two kinds of cold drink cups. One is the base paper printing Cup, which makes the paper have good permeability through the wax soaking process, and the other is the paper with permeability through the double-sided composite PE. The printing requirements of two different processing forms of paper cups are different. The paper cup is soaked in wax, printed and cut on paper. The printing itself has no special requirements for raw materials. For double-sided PE composite paper, in order to obtain good printing effect, it needs special treatment to obtain composite paper.




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Post time: Jun-27-2022