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The printing process in the packaging color box is particularly important. There are often various problems in the printing, so the black shadow problem will occur in the packaging color box printing. How to solve it? First of all, attention should be paid to avoiding the use of designs that are prone to ink shortage ghost, such as large borders, large fields, etc. If such a design is necessary, the following measures can be taken:



1. Pictures should be used as much as possible in the design of packaging color boxes. For screen tone printing that does not involve the field, it usually does not produce black shadow.

2. Use the color bar placed in the cutting part outside the graphic part to transfer the excess ink on the ink roller. These color bars are called ink transfer bars.


3. Adjust the packaging color box printing machine, and increase the ink supply of the ink bucket of the ink deficient ghost part. In addition, some printing presses are equipped with inclined ink roller, which can effectively solve the problem of black shadow. That is, different parts of the ink roller are used to print different parts of a large area, so that the ink roller will not lack ink.


4. Change the design of the packaging color box. Reduce the density of large borders or large fields, balance the density gap between the online tonal image and the field part of the page, and try to balance the ink volume of the whole page to reduce the appearance of shadows. For example, if two pictures are placed on the right side of the printing sheet, it is easy to produce black shadow when the color box is packaged and printed; If the design is changed so that two pictures are placed separately, one on the left and one on the right, and the ink consumption of the whole page is balanced, the rabbit shadow can be avoided.

5. When packaging color box is designed, the layout shall be reasonably designed. The proper layout arrangement can ensure that the ink roller has enough inking time to avoid dark shadows. For example, if a design is to place a large picture on the ground, when assembling, if the printer is large enough, it can be placed behind two pictures on a white background.

The above solutions can help solve the problem of black shadow in packaging color box printing. We should pay more attention to some precautions in printing to make packaging color box printing better.



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Post time: Oct-28-2022