Kraft paper will become one of the fastest growing packaging products

With the continuous promotion of China policies, as well as the continuous improvement of people’s consumption level and safety awareness,kraft paper, a paper packaging product that can replace plastic packaging, will be increasingly used in the future.

After nearly 40 years of rapid development, China’s paper industry has formed an annual output of about 120 million tons of the market. According to the paper Industry “14th Five-year plan” and medium and long Term High Quality Development Program issued by the Paper Association, the total production of paper and paperboard in China will reach 170 million tons by 2035, and the annual consumption per head will reach 130 kg. China’s paper industry is still in a relatively rapid development, industry integration speed is further accelerated.

Limit plastic to promote the use of kraft paper scenarios


Raw wood pulp kraft paper market, limited by raw materials have not been good development. However, with the continuous landing of the plastic limit, the consumption of kraft paper of wood pulp fiber will present a rapid development trend.

Kraft paper use speed up

In 2019, North America consumed about 31.45 million tons of leather container board, followed by Japan at 9.23 million tons and China at 47.48 million tons. China’s total consumption has exceeded that of major countries and regions in the world, but the per capita consumption of paper is at a low level in the world.


Take 2019, for example, food packaging use in North America accounted for about 40% of the total consumption, Means per capita consumption of food packaging use was 38KG. Japan, which has a similar diet to Korea, uses 34 kilograms of kraft paper per person for food packaging. The per capita consumption in China is only about 5KG.

In terms of raw material composition, 47% of products in North America are made up of raw pulp, and 15% of products in other Asian countries except China are made up of raw wood pulp, while only 2% of products in China are made up of raw wood pulp.

At present, the output of kraft paper in our country is about 2 million tons, and the imported part of kraft paper supplies domestic use. With the continuous expansion of food packaging, kraft paper will become one of the fastest growing products in China’s packaging industry. Kraft paper capacity will rapidly develop from 2 million tons to paper industry over 5 million tons of varieties.


As per capita GDP continues to grow, per capita paper consumption will approach the level of developed countries. Wood pulp kraft paper also has a large space for development, especially in the field of food packaging consumption, paper enterprises how to seize the opportunity to upgrade and improve?

Post time: Jan-08-2022