Is it feasible to replace plastic bags with paper bags from Guangzhou Spring Package?


Is it feasible to replace plastic bags with paper bags in supermarkets? According to a supermarket in Haikou, paper bags are used in some places to hold things. After all, the amount of use is small. Supermarkets are different. If paper bags are really used to replace plastic bags, the number is very large. At present, there are not many domestic manufacturers of paper bags, and it is still a problem whether they can meet the market demand.


"There is also a load-bearing problem in replacing plastic bags with paper bags. Paper bags are generally not as heavy as plastic bags. Some large commodities in supermarkets are easy to crack when put in paper bags, and these practical problems have to be considered." However, this person believes that since it can be used abroad, it should also be possible at home.



Some citizens suggested that there are many ways to make the "plastic restriction order" play its role. Supermarkets can provide paper bags or plastic bags to hold some goods that cannot be contained in paper bags. As long as you use less plastic bags or bring more environmental protection bags for shopping, it is an effective way to reduce white pollution.



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Post time: Jul-11-2022