Cosmetic gift boxes from Guangzhou Spring Package are developing rapidly in the direction of multi-function


Now no matter what we buy, the first thing we see is the paper packaging products of the products. The quality of cosmetics carton packaging plays an important role in the products, which can increase the aesthetic effect of the products and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. What are the specific benefits of using spring package cosmetics boxes packaging?


It can reflect the value of commodities and is a means to increase the value of commodities; Protecting commodities can protect products from the influence of natural factors such as wind, sun and rain, and prevent products from being damaged due to volatilization, collision or extrusion; With the protection of cosmetic cartons, it will be convenient to harvest and deliver products during transportation. Now any package cannot be separated from cosmetic boxes. If cosmetic cartons are used first, its cost is relatively low, and it can be recycled again.


It is also very light and beautifully printed (which can realize the combination of transportation packaging and commodity packaging). If you use some wooden or other material boxes, it is very inappropriate in industry or transportation, so many people will choose to use the cosmetics packaging produced by spring package cosmetics carton packaging factory to pack some products. Packaging requirements are also getting higher and higher.

Cosmetic paper packaging conforms to the development needs of green packaging, and also solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. It can undertake a variety of food packaging tasks. Spring package cosmetic carton factory will have a better and faster development in the future. At present, food packaging around the world has a good momentum of continuous growth. Cosmetic carton packaging is developing rapidly in the direction of multi-function. 

Cosmetics carton packaging has too many advantages, which brings convenience and benefits to mankind. Of course, there are also shortcomings. For example, waterproof packaging can be done in China, which is less afraid of being pierced by sharp objects. Of course, the choice of packaging depends on the specific requirements of the product.


Customized type of cosmetic packaging box

Essential oil boxes: these boxes are specially used to store essential oil bottles. Most of them are made of coated paper, which also provides a good aesthetic effect for these boxes. They can be designed into any shape and size.

Eyeliner box: Eyeliner Pen is one of the best-selling products in the chemical industry. Their boxes are also made of cardboard, kraft paper or other environmentally friendly materials. They can also be used.

Lipstick: lipstick is a common product in winter, because it can keep dry lips moist. Although this can be customized with chemical packaging boxes.


Foundation make-up box: liquid foundation is a basic chemical, which is used by billions of women all over the world, but even this basic product has been greatly optimized by customizing its chemical packaging box. These boxes are made of cardboard or similar materials, so they can also be recycled.

Lip gloss: in order to give lips a colorful texture, women use lip gloss. This is a necessary party piece for women all over the world. A box is also customized for the product to ensure its reliability.

You can also customize BB cream box, face cream box, moisturizing lotion box, perfume box, customized inner paper card, etc.

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Post time: Jul-28-2022