Advantages of equipment for making luxury gift box packaging

I believe that friends who have made gift boxes know that it takes a long time to make a gift box by hand, especially for those exquisite gift boxes. The high-end gift box we see in the market is more difficult to make and the process is more complex. Therefore, it is obviously unreasonable to make one by one by hand. The birth of a gift box often covers multiple processes, and with fully automatic equipment, production efficiency can be greatly improved.

There is also a process of cutting high-grade gift paper, including the process of folding the gift paper. According to the different gift boxes, we have to print after cutting the paper or forming the gift box to improve the beauty of the gift box. Finally, if it is a high-end gift box, it should be further decorated. In short, there are many processes for high-grade gift boxes. Without the support of automatic industrial equipment, such a gift box will cost a lot of man hours.

The present gift box packaging equipment has many advantages. It not only has fast working efficiency, but also has made many improvements on the original basis, which greatly improves the reliability of the machine. For example, the original curved cam structure mechanism is improved. Because the original mechanism is easy to cause wear, reduce the accuracy of the machine, and even permanent damage to parts. The power system also adopts cylinder power, which makes the machine run lighter and the operation of personnel easier.

In addition, the gift box packaging equipment has further improved the automation of the machine. Edge wrapping, ear folding, forming and folding in one go. We can also input the process or provide drawings for the machine, and the machine can automatically package the gift box according to the requirements, which greatly improves the previous situation that a machine can only produce one gift box. Changing the mold is simple and fast, and can produce exquisite gift boxes of different specifications and types.

Custom kraft paper 300gram perfume jewelry gift box with bow tie  (2)

 believe that after reading this article, you have a certain understanding of high-end gift box packaging equipment. If it were not for the existence of this kind of equipment, we would not have the opportunity to use such a rich and diverse exquisite gift box. However, no matter how good the machine is, it also needs our regular maintenance. Because the gift box packaging equipment works in a dusty environment all year round, if it is not cleaned regularly, the dust inhaled by the machine will have a great impact on the accuracy of the equipment and reduce the service life of the machine in serious cases.

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Post time: Mar-10-2022